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It was on March 14, 1937 that the Bruederschaft der Burgenlaender (Brotherhood of the Burgenlaender) was founded by 17 men.  The purpose of the Club was to provide support to its members in times of sickness and death, and to preserve the traditions of “home” for generations to come.  The first officers were nominated at the Old Stream Restaurant on March 30.


            President                                 Victor Garay

                Vice President                         Johann Szveties

                Finance Secretary                   Joseph Knopf

                Correspondence Secr.            Peter Hammerl

                2nd Correspondence Secr.     John Schnalzer

                Treasurer                                Johann Baumann

                Trustee                                    Johann Tancsics

                Trustee                                    Michael Nikisher

                Trustee                                    Karl Baumann


On September 28th of that same year, women were welcomed into the Club.  In its first year, the Bruederschaft der Burgenlaender became a unified social organization, where fellow Burgenlaenders came together in Gemuetlichkeit!


A constitution was completed in 1940, under the presidency of Joe Tancsics.  The club had grown to 108 members.


The 1950’s saw the arrival of many fellow Burgenlaenders that left their war-torn homeland to find a better life in America.  The Club stood ready to assist its brothers and sisters in finding jobs and housing in the New York area.  The meetings and social gatherings at that time took place at Zach’s Casino (later called Castle Harbour Casino) in the Bronx.


The Club celebrated its Silver Anniversary in 1962 with the dedication of the Bruederschaft Flag, the very flag that still proudly stands at our gatherings today.


In 1976, the Club began the tradition of holding a “Maibaum” (May tree) dance and crowning a Miss Bruederschaft der Burgenlaender.  The Queen represents the Club at various events throughout the year and becomes the Club’s “Calendar Girl”.


Few would have thought, back in 1937, that the Club would survive into the next century.  The success of the Society is a reflection of the spirit and dedication of its members.